What is Project Free World?

It is a movement to provide the proper (F) food, (R) rights, (E) education, and (E) environment to every person on the planet by connecting those in need and those looking to do good with the most innovative existing methods of crowdsolving.

Why was Project Free World created?

One out of two children alive right now does not have anything to eat. We consider this to be a major failure on the part of all of humanity, and feel a personal responsibility to change this.

In third-world nations, people are getting diseases because of a lack of food and resources.

In first-world nations, people are getting diseases because of an excess of food and resources.

Isn’t there something wrong with this picture?

Despite the material abundance, many people in developed nations are still not living happy, fulfilled lives. For example, the United States has alarmingly high rates of depression, addiction, job dissatisfaction, loneliness, divorce, incarceration, suicide, and so on.

We in developed nations do not need any more “things” to make us happy. The iPhone3 is hardly different than the iPhone5. The Toyota is hardly different than the Lexus. What we need now more than ever is true meaning in our lives. A sense of community. A deeper level of connection with one another. Project Free World aims to be a platform to facilitate these connections, and give a new lease on life to all – not just to the recipients of aid, but also to the changemakers who will uncover creative abilities and a sense of satisfaction with life that they may never have even known was possible.

How do you know this will work? People have spent trillions of dollars to try and solve these problems for decades. Are you saying that you have all of the answers?

Of course we do not have all of the answers. No one person or organization does. This is why the problems have persisted for so long. We cannot guarantee that all of these major global issues will be solved by a certain deadline. It would be impossible to put a definitive date on something like that. We could give an educated guess, but it would be just that – a guess.

This is what we do know for sure: if we all put our resources and creative powers together, there absolutely is a way to solve all of these problems. The capacity for intelligence and innovation in this format is infinite. By making it as engaging and simple as possible for changemakers to connect with those in need, all collaborating on one common mission, this direct communication has the potential to spark all kinds of creative solutions that do not even exist yet.

We will always do our very best to discover and shed light upon the very best solutions and organizations that are solving these problems on a scale below the global level, and facilitate discussions about issues that have not yet found a viable solution in order to discover them.

If one single apple seed has the potential to grow an unlimited number of apples, we are unshakably confident that there is a way to feed everyone on this planet.

Does the site cost money for the users?

The Project Free World website does not cost anything to you, the user. We are dead serious about our mission. We truly believe that we can end poverty together. This is our gift to humanity.

However, if you wish to utilize your financial resources to multiply your social impact, we provide a number of different ways for you to do so. You may visit our Act page to utilize microlending sites such as Kiva, or donate to Charity Water.

What is your philosophy regarding the intersection between business and social impact?

We are of the belief that bureaucracy is one of the biggest inhibitors of true progress, and that a business model that is as lean as possible is optimal for maximizing the social impact. Bipartisan politics and political correctness, groupthink, being overly concerned with profit over social impact, pleasing shareholders, administration, excessive paperwork, excessive board meetings, fear of thinking outside the box – all of this stifles innovation and progress, makes it very difficult to change course, and prevents issues from being solved.

Project Free World has one pure vision that is focused upon making decisions that are best for the people and the greatest good. Everyone working on this is doing it purely for the love of it. It is our hope that our level of commitment will move and inspire you to help our fellow citizens of humanity that desperately need it.

This sounds really awesome. Can I join the Project Free World team?

If you are extremely passionate about these issues and want to get involved, check out this page for our current openings.

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