126 Square Foot Tiny Home

Here is a tiny home we designed. It packs everything you need for modern living into 126 square feet of living space.

Tiny Home

[Fully furnished tiny home for one comfortable person; could fit two in a squeeze]

Shown in the picture:

1. Loft Bed
2. Shower
3. Toilet
4. Bathroom Sink
5. Kitchen Sink
6. Mini Fridge
7. Stove/Oven Combo
8. Washer/Dryer Combo
9. Microwave
10. Range Hood
11. Desk
12. Chair
13. Chaise Lounge
14. Kitchen Cabinets
15. Storage Chest
16. Water Heater
17. Heat/AC Wall Unit
18. Laptop
19. Mounted Flatscreen TV
20. Bathroom Shelves


One response to “126 Square Foot Tiny Home

  1. Nice. Love it !! I would be interested to see this in a 100% off the grid application where this internal design is applied to a geodesic or monolithic dome. Larger multi units in an in ground earthship Would be ultra Kewl again 100% off grid.

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