Open Source Hardware Jam

A democratic system is, in theory, a system that allows the needs and well-being of the greatest majority to prevail. This should mean at least 50%, if not well above that absolute minimum benchmark.

Right now, nine out of ten people in America are unhappy with the job Congress is doing. Nine out of ten. So I ask you, fellow citizens, whose needs are being served? Where is the democracy?

It’s time to be blunt. 90% of the people reading this right now want to see real changes happen. The question is: how many of us are actually willing to get up and do something about it?

If you are interested in understanding the realm of open-source hardware, 3D Printing, DIY culture, basically how to create any kind of tools or structures you can imagine from scratch – come to this event next weekend. 

Imagine a world in which the means of production are truly democratized, enabling any determined group of people to create everything they need to live comfortable, empowered, truly free lives; without depending on the fickle fluctuations of the almighty controlled dollar. Imagine a world where everyone has the option to opt out of being treated like a slave to the corporatocracy that has become our economic system. Imagine experiencing the liberating feeling of speaking your mind freely in a forum like this, without worrying about your politically correct company trying to take away your ability to provide yourself with the basic necessities for survival. 

Money only has power over us to the degree that we need it. We have proven that technology is advanced enough for us to overcome this scarcity-based paradigm of existence, in what is shaping up to be the third industrial revolution.

The people that will be attending this jam are some of the most cutting-edge innovators on the planet. Come be a part of the movement that is taking the status quo by its cornflower-blue necktie and tossing it aside to create the world we’ve imagined.

[See what you can do right now to help solve the world’s biggest problems]


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