The Big Idea

Consumers spend trillions of dollars each year, and the items sold are based primarily off of their choices. What if the consumers banded together, and chose (and created) specific brands that represented the values and practices they wanted to support?

This is the BIG idea.

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2 responses to “The Big Idea

  1. The even Bigger Step is to realize profit is a result of consumer dependence and is *eliminated* when the consumers co-own the farms and factories while accepting the product itself as the return for that risk.

    For example, imaging 1,000 milk-drinkers invest $1,000 apiece and buy a dairy for $1,000,000.

    These special consumer/investors want milk at the real costs of production and under their full control.

    They each own their % of the milk even before it is produced, as a side-effect of their ownership in the dairy.

    Since the product is not sold, the price they pay as consumers is exactly the costs they paid as owners and profit does not exist at all.

  2. This concept is great. The Pachamama Alliance speaks to this idea in their practices. You should look them up. 🙂 Happy reading! 🙂

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