Will this be the generation that ends poverty for good?

Project Free World was founded with the mission of providing the proper food, rights, education, and environment to every person on the planet. These are the four essential pillars necessary for one to have the opportunity to live a dignified life up to their potential. Yet right now, one out of every two children alive does not have these basic needs met. As fellow members of the human race, we all have the power to do something to change this.

A highly-touted statistic states that the percentage of people living below the poverty line has decreased over the years. In reality, there are still more people living in poverty today than there were 20 years ago. In a world full of abundant resources, the instantaneous flow of information, and technology more advanced than ever before, we are the generation that has the potential to lead an orchestrated effort to collaboratively, in the words of Muhammad Yunus, “put poverty into a museum.”

The Project Free World website is currently in early stages of development. It is a social innovation platform that aspires to mainstream philanthropy by making it easier and more fun than ever for anyone to get involved in helping others. We will provide updated information about what is going on in every region of the planet, and connect the changemakers of the world with those who need help in order to crowdsolve our biggest issues. Additionally, we will provide access to the most innovative tools, information, and organizations that are already doing a great job of alleviating these issues in order to help them scale or duplicate their efforts in new areas.

The purpose of this blog is to call attention to some of the hardest-to-solve problems that we face, and highlight those who have created the best solutions in tackling them to date.

We believe it is absolutely possible to transform the world we live in. When humanity is united as a whole, we have no limits on time, money, or resources. The only limits we have are our fears, our doubts, and the illusory beliefs that divide us. When working cohesively, we cannot be stopped.

These efforts don’t only help those in the poorest countries. In a world where everyone has their basic needs met, there will no longer be a need for anyone to be involved in theft, wars fought over fuel resources, foreign occupation, retaliatory attacks, or many of the other activities that currently make life harder for all of us.

Where others have failed in the past, let us succeed. Let’s evolve into a higher form of life. Let’s free the world.

[See what you can do right now to help solve the world’s biggest problems]


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